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New Sea Products | Borgo Marina Diving:

Intro-dive (in the pool or from the boat): it is a unique and untellable underwater experience, where you feel the thrill of breathing - and swimming – underwater, in absolute safety because individually cared by a dive instructor. All you need is: a bath suit and lots of enthusiasm! You will be surprised by silence and weightlessness. If done in the pool, you will stay warm, in a protected environment, and you will try some funny practical exercises. If done at sea, you will also interact with a completely new environment, the marine flora and fauna, which is difficult to describe. As Cristoforo Colombo said: "the tongue cannot say and the hand write all the wonders of the sea".

Snorkeling trip (from the boat): it is an experience on the sea surface. People with eyes, head and heart are just needed, ready to welcome the sea, which will tell you a lot about itself right from the surface. Without being adventure lovers, this is what you will enjoy in our snorkeling trips.

The Diving Center was born from a group of divers’ passion and desire to dive in the beautiful underwater drops of the western coast of Liguria. The diving center is located right in the heart of Borgo Marina, among fishermen workshops, small typical restaurants and sea craftspeople tiny shops, one step away from the Beach Resort and two steps away from the pier to the boat. The diving center is equipped with:

-classroom, with audiovisual equipment for courses;

-dressing room;

-joker boat 30, 10 meters long and powered Evinrude E-tec 300;

-compressor to refill air and nitrox tanks.

Borgo Marina Diving Center is a S.S.I. Resort (www.divessi.com), a PADI Resort (www.padi.com) and a Mares Authorized Service Center and Dealer (www.mares.com). The pier to the boat is about 20 meters from the diving center.